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"The team at 98th Meridian will treat you right! They are a great group of Realtors® who really strive to achieve the best results possible for their clients. They are professional, knowledgeable and fun! Buying, selling or leasing a home can be stressful, but with help from a 98th Meridian Realtor® the process will be much easier. And if you are looking for a Broker to work with, Victoria is the best in town! She does so much for her agents, so they can do so much for their clients. She combines cutting edge technology with common sense and kindness to make for a terrific business model for all." Lu Ann Reyes, REALTOR®

 "I agree 1000%, Victoria does so much for her agents, love the boutique vibe with all the great resources that large brokerages offer. No fees! Just an amazing commission split and her generous knowledge of the Real Estate Industry! Don't hesitate, call her today!" Celina De Luna Lopez REALTOR

"I am very impressed Victoria Reviel and her company. She remains up-to-date on technology to improve the home buying and selling experience which filters down to the incredible agents on staff. The company prides itself on offering no-nonsense service to its clients, insuring a successful transaction for both sides". Sonia Guardado, REALTOR®

"98th Meridian is an awesome company! Great people that are easy to relate to and easy to work with. The Team here really works as a “team” and are all incredibly diverse in their education, experience, and knowledge…which makes for an ideal environment. Definitely “work outside the box” group which means clients are treated with the most professional courtesy and outstanding experience." Sean Graff, REALTOR®

"5 Stars for 98th Meridian and their REALTORS® – You will love working with them! They patiently work with their clients to find them the right home in Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, or surrounding cities. They will only show you homes that are within your criteria and they really listen to what you’re looking for, they are relaxed about scheduling a good time viewings and won’t bombard you with inventory that you are not interested in, just to push a property. All in all 98th Meridian REALTORS® will make the most of the time they have with you (mid-day hour/after work) to show you what you’d be interested in. 98th Meridian REALTORS® will find you the best home at the best price for the least amount of stress." Monica Nelson, REALTOR®

“Working with 98th Meridian to BUY, SELL or LEASE a home will be an exciting, organized, stress free and fun process! As your REALTOR®, our job is to guide you, give advice and negotiate the best deal possible on your behalf. Although buying a home can be hectic at times, 98th Meridian REALTORS® take pride in being level headed and building a cooperative relationship among all parties to a transaction. You will enjoy working with 98th Meridian and our experienced REALTORS®.” Rose Brown, REALTOR®

"Victoria Reviel is one of the most hardest working and dedicated brokers I have ever worked with during my real estate career. Her dedication, insight and real estate knowledge is only surpassed by her willingness to help you grow your real estate career. It has been my pleasure working with Victoria and 98th Meridian and I hope you too can experience her honest, straight forward approach to real estate in Central Texas!" Thomas Soliz, REALTOR®

"I’ve worked with Victoria and her team on several occasions and have always been impressed with their knowledge of the local real estate market. What’s surprising is the level to which they focus on the needs of the client and ask lots of questions to determine the best area to focus on. As I’ve learned, what I think I want often ends up being different once I start looking at homes. It helps to have an agent short cut that process by asking questions up front rather than driving around all day and wasting time." John Schutze, Supreme Lending

“In the tumultuous business of Real Estate, the most important asset for me is to have a strong, knowledgeable, supportive, up-to-date and participatory broker to back up my activities. Victoria has been that person and beyond. Victoria has given me and my partners at Zip Realty an abundance of knowledge and training to prepare us for almost any situation that can arise in a Real Estate transaction. In addition she has provided unlimited opportunities to seek her advisement on pitfalls that we encounter. I can perform in my business with a great amount of confidence, not only because of the knowledge that I’ve received from her, but also, the assurance that Victoria stands behind me in support during difficult situations. She is able to give us this confidence and knowledge by being active and dedicated in the industry and participating in our transactions. I also know that she is a respected member of our Realtor community as the incoming President of the Williamson County Association of Realtors for 2011. As a result, I find that her opinion and understanding of the industry is respected by the many other Realtors and agencies throughout the area. I’m proud to be included on her team.” Marty Kelly- REALTOR®

"I just purchased a house via one of your team members. I’ve been through the house buying experience several times now in New York City, Las Vegas and Taos, New Mexico. I’ve had more than a little experience with Realtors and consider myself a good judge of character. My wife just sold her penthouse apartment in New York City, so she’s dealt with some of the best real estate people in the business. I just wanted to tell you what a winner your agent is. She understood exactly the kind of house we were looking for, patiently walked us through many and guided us with a sure hand. Her style is upbeat, low pressure and very intuitive. In the end, we got the house we wanted it was an extremely pleasant journey. Congratulations on knowing who to hire and how to train your team." Mr.Akyavas; 2011 Buyer

"Recognized for her outstanding work Victoria Reviel was awarded Zip Realty Inc 2008 “Broker of the Year”. “If there was ever someone who is the epitome of the phrase “Giving 110%”, it is this Year’s Broker of the Year, Victoria Reviel. Whether it is training, team support, revenue achievement, leadership, agent development, or community involvement, Victoria immerses herself in the task with vigor and enthusiasm and follows through with incredible detail until the task at hand is achieved with success. With that attitude and dedication, it is no wonder that Victoria has launched an extremely successful Broker Boot Camp for the Austin agents that has been modeled by other districts, contributed greatly to the achievement of District goals, is a highly recognized member of the Austin Realtor community, is lauded constantly by her agents, DD, and fellow management and peers and holds the position as ZipRealty’s Texas Designated Broker.” Bob Yakominich, Sr VP Sales Zip Realty Inc.

“Victoria and I worked together with approx 40 other brokers on a team to help identify trends and find innovative solutions that would allow the company to create new training or modify existing programs so as to allow the company's market share to continue to grow. As with many groups, we had a handful of leaders and the rest followers. Victoria is a natural leader, continuously able to grasp the tasks at hand, and create or recommend useful direction that always resulted in ongoing success for the group. If you are in need of someone who is passionate about her work, able to not only provide directive, but also execute a plan, I highly recommend her.” Richard Holt, Broker Designee, Realtor®, ZipRealty, Inc

“Victoria is an inspiring individual with intgrity and purpose in all she does. She works in a fast paced environment and maintains her composure in the midst of chaos. I use her as a resource and sounding board when problem solving. She’s someone I can count on to provide fair and honest feedback.” Laura Brown, District Broker, Zip Realty, Inc.

“Victoria’s experience, knowledge and demeanor set her apart from most real estate brokers. She has the confidence and competence to conduct high quality informative training seminars, and the sense of humor to make them fun and interesting. Anytime I have a question, Victoria’s door is always open, and her phone is always answered. It is my privilege to work with Victoria on a daily basis.” Holly Mewis, Realtor®, ZipRealty

“Victoria Reviel is an exceptional Broker for Zip Realty. She is very knowledgeable about the Real Estate Industry. She is also very good at being there for her agents, new and existing. You can always depend on Victoria for support and education. She would be a great asset to any company.” Amy Kobza, Business Development, Home Warranty of America

“Victoria is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met in Real Estate. Her REALTOR training seminars are of the highest quality, standards, and very entertaining. A since of humor goes a long way in this business. Victoria’s door is always open and you will always be greeted with a smile. It has been my privilege to work with her on a daily basis. Her experience and knowledge in Real Estate sets her apart from most brokers.” Ralph Bell, REALTOR®

“I have had the pleasure of working with Victoria Reviel for the past 3 years. Victoria epitomizes professionalism in the real estate industry. She is not only a strong leader but a compassionate advocate for her agents. Victoria is always available to offer solutions as well as support whenever I or her agents need her. Victoria’s comprehensive knowledge of real estate and her utmost integrity make her stand out in the field. Not only does she dedicate her time to her agents, but she continually gives back to the industry by serving on her local Board of Realtors. In Austin, they are extremely fortunate to have someone like Victoria Reviel at ZipRealty, as well as serve the local real estate community.” Jetta Brouker, District Broker, Colorado, ZipRealty, Inc

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Victoria Reviel. I have worked with her for over three years and I can say that she has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition. Victoria possesses excellent organizational skills, is extremely competent and has an excellent rapport with her clients, agents and peers. She always is available to take time out of her busy day to listen and help people with any issue. Her good judgment and mature outlook ensure a logical and practical approach to her endeavors. Victoria would be an asset to any organization, and I am happy to give her my wholehearted endorsement” Yolanda Graham, District Broker, ZipRealty

“Victoria is the epitome of a professional. She is completely dedicated to her clients, associates at ZIP Realty, and every member at the Williamson County Association of REALTORS. She gives countless hours to the REALTOR community to teach, encourage and have fun with REALTORS to improve our industry. Beyond that, Victoria is a warm, funny, caring person who is truly a joy to be around. I admire her greatly!” Christy Gessler, Director and REALTOR®, The Williamson County Association of REALTORS

“Victoria Reviel is an Amazing Broker and Great person to work with. She is very detailed and knowledgable as a Broker and will go over and beyond to help any one. I would highly recommend Victoria Reviel. Victoria Reviel would be an asset to any Company she works for.” Robin Carter Hough, Licensed Texas Real Estate Agent/Team Leader, ZipRealty

“In life, there are people that sit by the side lines and watch things happen and then there are the folks that make things happen… Victoria is definitely one of the latter. I have had the privelage to work along side Victoria over the last year and she exudes professionalism with her tact, innovation & leadership skills. She has risen in the company to a “go to” person status and is admired and respected by all. I would certainly reccomend Victoria, as her hard work and dedication to the tasks at hand shines through in every detail that she touches.” Frank G. Gay, III, GRI, CRB, CIPS, TRC, District Director, ZipRealty

”Victoria Reviel is one of the brightest and most insightful people you could ever meet. She is an impressive motivator and instructor. Victoria understands everything dealing with the many real estate issues pertaining to the company, clients and agents. Victoria is very supportive and uses her thoughtfulness to be enormously persuasive and motivating. She always brings great energy and enthusiasm with her everywhere she goes. Victoria Reviel is an asset to any organization.” Shannon Powers, Relationship Development, ZipRealty

“It is with great pleasure I recommend Victoria for her hard work ethic, dedicated professionalism, integrity and exceptional creative energy she brings to Williamson County Association of REALTORS as well as Zip Realty and everyone she knows personally and professionally. She and I work together, each representing our individual clients’ interests. As the Secretary Treasurer/Executive Director at Williamson County Association of REALTORS, she continues to exemplify her strong work ethic and easy nature, which translates to her successful relationships and business pursuits.” Douglas Craig, Office Administrator/REALTOR Store, Williamson County Association of REALTORS

“Victoria is such an awesome asset to our Texas teams, in providing excellent Broker support to our entire Region. It is not surprising that she was recently named “Broker of the Year for Ziprealty”!! We are very fortunate to have her at the wheel, in assisting our awesome Zip agents and working so professionally and courteously.” Melinda Elliott, Regional Staffing Manager, Ziprealty

“Working with Victoria was such a priviledge. During my time at Zip Realty with Victoria I quickly learned how respected she was in the Real Estate industry at the Broker level and beyond. Her passion and dedication to her job was paramont. Her work ethic and disire to help others succeed was just one of the qualities that make her what she is today. Much of the knowledge that she possess has been transferred to many of the Realtors that work with her and I am confident that they feel the same. A huge indication of her credability is hearing other Brokers call on her for ideas and assistance.” Michael Mendez, Corporate Training Manager, Zip Realty

“In the world of Real Estate, you want to know that your Real Estate Brokerage has taken the time to hire the best, the brightest, and the most knowledgeable people that money can buy–Victoria Reveal is just such a person. Victoria knows Real Estate law, Real Estate contracts, and understands this changing market place. Moreover, Victoria is current to today’s market place. She never depends on last year’s information, or experience alone–she knows that this market is changing, and the brightest, and the most successful are who they are because they thrive on the change, and they are a part of all the good things that are changing to bring Real Estate into the 21st century. Victoria is one of the best in the business.” Timothy Thornton, REALTOR®

“Victoria is an awesome Broker and a sucessful networker who uses her connections to advance the interests of others. She excels in promoting and developing her employees careers and themselves personally. Victoria WILL succeed at whatever she does!” Heather Grimes, Designated Broker, ZipRealty

“Victoria is a dedicated Real Estate Professional. She is my Mentor, Broker and Confidant. I have worked for Victoria as a REALTOR for close to 4 years. Victoria always strives to improve her skills and pass it on to her constituents. I respect her courage, knowledge, tenacity and dedication to her work, employees and family.” Christina Haladyna, 98th Meridian REALTOR®

“I have known Victoria since I entered real estate and became a member of the Williamson County Association of Realtors. I know her to be an advocate for her clients and her fellow Realtors. She is always informed and professional, and I like to call her my friend.” Susan Brown, Realtor®, Realty Executives-Austin Experts

“I’ve known Victoria for years in the real estate industry and she is one of the most professional and knowledgeable broker that I’ve had the pleasure to know! I would highly recommend her for any of your real estate needs. Becky Hopkins, Austin Title Company” . Hopkins Becky, AVP & Sr. Sales Executive, Austin Title Company

”I would like to express to you the energetic professionalism that has always been exhibited by Victoria Reviel over the years. I have always been impressed by her consistent commitment to her superiors, peers and clients to maintain a high level of quality representation and teamwork. Victoria has always chosen to take the high road and put others first when confronted with a challenging or difficult task.” “Victoria is someone who offers sound advice when consulted on many topics as well as possessing the knowledge and skills to achieve a variety of goals. When Victoria is around, everyone does better work! Victoria brings out the best in everyone with whom she has contact.” Cynthia Heinemann; Student, The University of Texas at Dallas

“Victoria is goal driven and achieves whatever she sets out to accomplish. It has been a pleasure to have worked with her on several projects. Victoria has a positive attitude which is a true asset.” Pat Strong, Independent Instructor, Educator, Consultant, Pat Strong Realty

“I am so thrilled to be working with Victoria. With her business acumen and her attention to detail, I am looking forward to a long business relationship with her. In my opinion, her mix of technology and current business practices put her high above the rest. She is always willing to go above and beyond her duties as a Broker, helping her agents at every chance she gets. As the President of WCAOR, she strives to make everyone feel welcomed. Her fun and her positive attitude to helping her agents succeed is absolutely refreshing.” Kari Bradfield Residential REALTOR®

“There are many choices when it comes to choosing a Broker for a REALTOR. When I meet Victoria, I stopped looking. She is an incredible teacher and leader of our team. Her dedication and hard work shows in everything she does. She stays on top of industry news and all the latest technology and marketing strategies. I feel very lucky and am very proud to call Victoria Reviel my Broker.” Sarah Brennan, REALTOR®

“Victoria is an accomplished broker and has extensive knowledge of all aspects of the real estate industry. And, she is always professional and willing to go the extra mile to see results.” Toni Condina; REALTOR®

“As a member of the Board of Directors for the past four years I have had the pleasure of serving alongside Victoria. She is thoughtful in her problem solving, very easy to work with and knows how to break tension with her sense of humor. I know several people who work for her at 98th Meridian, all of whom say she has created a very professional environment, is a motivating manager and good business woman. In her role as President of the Board for the last year I have seen her do an excellent job in the leadership role during a difficult time in the Real Estate Industry. Victoria is great to work with and I look to doing business with her in the future.” Chris Sachs, Director, Williamson County Associaton of Realtors®

“I have worked with Victoria for several years at the Williamson County Association of REALTORS. She trained me in my current role and understands the many aspects of association operations. She furthered her involvement and was elected as President of the Board for the association. As Board President, she has surpassed expected outcomes for every event held in 2011. Her friendly personality, willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done, professionalism, knowledge of the industry and sense of humor has made her not only a pleasure to work with, but as asset to the organization. I would highly recommend working with Victoria if you get the opportunity!” Jackie Woodfin, Director of Professional Development and Events, Williamson County Association of REALTORS®

“I have known Victoria for several years now and would highly recommend her services. She’s a true professional and very passionate about her chosen field of expertise. She has a rare combination of experience, integrity and a wonderful sense of humor. Victoria Reviel is definitely someone that you want on your team!” Mark Hairston, Owner, MortgageIQ

“A great Broker to work for.” Brenda Reiss, REALTOR®

“If you are looking for a Broker, you won’t find one more professional, encouraging and supportive than Victoria Reviel. I am so thankful I found her, I am proud to be a part of 98th Meridian.” Shanan Shepherd, REALTOR®

“Victoria is an example of true leadership in action; not seeking merely gain followers, but also working hard to cultivate other leaders.” Rick Runnels, REALTOR®

Victoria Reviel takes her reputation in the community very seriously; she constantly strives for perfection in herself, her company and her REALTORS®.